TOXIC VISIONS design provides compelling images and fascinating artworks for the music industry, entertainment and publishing.

Headed by artist/musician N0emi Aurora R., Toxic Visions’s specialising into CD artworks, DVD, BOOK Covers, T-SHIRTS & MERCHANDISE Design, Webdesign and everything you need with a Dark Metal Fantasy & Rock’n’Roll appeal.
From small budgets solutions for demos and DIY releases to large scale productions, our target is to offer high-quality work and strong visual appeal for all our clients around the world.

The ideal solution if you want your project get noticed!

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  Noemi Aurora_Toxic Visions

Noemi Aurora – Freelance Designer, Art Director, Photographer

NØemi Aurora born in a little town next to Rome on August, 24 1982.


Drawing and Painting have captured NØemi’s attention since early childhood, and she started to immortalize her visions when she was about 14.

She studied art school in Rome, where she discovered her passion into sculpture. So she entered “Art and New Technologies Academy”, and she degree with honors in scenography and cine theatre makeup and costume. Contemporary to her studies, she cooperated as art-director and illustrator for various spots and Italian companies. Also, She’s been involved in works of graphics, make-up, illustrations, cd artwork, websites, photography and post-productions. One of her paintings have been part of an international Art Exhibition on the Contemporary Art Gallery of Savona (ITA), where she was nominated the younger painter of the Expo. She currently leads the Toxic Visions Design factory,  working for record labels, agencies, artists, and various magazines.


She also has been featured on the main international alternative magazines, websites, radios and clubs, spreading her creations worldwide.


NØemi’s music addiction come out day by day since her first breath, thanks to her brother that introduced her to Metal and Hard Rock Music when she was a child.This constant ingestion of bands like Motley Crue, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Megadeth, Led Zeppelin, Ac/Dc, Testament, Sepultura, Death, Aerosmith, Pantera, Ozzy Osbourne and many others, let NØemi become a little Rock Singer, without her noticing.She never stopped her interest in discovering international bands and genres, and in 2002 she founded together with Max, her first band “The Claw”, a Gothic/Nu Metal project. Most of the time, NØemi was a self taught musician. She spent a couple of years at the Music School of her city, studying above all Pop/Rock/Musical styles. Currently She is singer of HELALYN FLOWERS. Founded on 2004 by producer maXX and herself, this Electro/Rock project has been her major source of inspiration, in which NØemi had the possibility to put all her multifaced ways of expression – Words, Sounds, Visions – together. Besides being the creatore of all vocals and acid-delirious lyrics, she also intervenes in the songs arrangements, rhythm patterns, software and delay obsessions, synthetic loops and various lead interferences. Last but not least, she’s the creator of all the visual side of the band, starting from the artworks, merchandise layout, photography, website, hair styling, make-up and so on.